FAQ About Services & Others

1.Q: Can I pay the room rate in advance?
A: We only accept bank transfer as well as pay at the reception upon your advanced actual visit.

2.Q: Could you send back my things left behind in the hotel to me?
A: To Japan domestic address only we can send a cash on deliever for your left behind things.

3.Q: Do you have newspapers prepared?
A: Yes, and it's free. However, we only have newspaers in Japanese at the lounge.

4.Q: Can I borrow cell phone charger?
A: We have prepared rental cell phone charger at front desk.

5.Q: Do you provide room service?
A: We are sorry, but we don't provide room service.

6.Q: Can I borrow an umbrella if it rains?
A: Yes, please feel free to come to front office for rental umbrella.

7.Q: What sizes of the room wears prepared in the room?
A: They are regular Japanese free sizes. We also have smaller and bigger sizes prepared at front desk, please feel free to request.

8.Q: Can I borrow lighter or matches?
A: Yes, please confirm at the front desk.

9.Q: When do I pay for the room rate?
A: We request guests to pay upon check in.

10.Q: How do I check out if I'm leaving early in the morning.
We have 24 hour reception, and it's possible to check out at any time.

11.Q: Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?
A: Yes, it's possible. Please write down a clear note for the name of reservation and check in / check out date.

12.Q: May I ask to copy documents or send fax?
A: We can copy your documents and send fax for you at our front desk with surcharge.
Copy: Black-and-white 10 JPY/piece;
Color 50 JPY/piece;
Fax: 50 JPY/time/piece.

13.Q: Do you provide laundry service?
A: Yes, we do. For the laundry requsts before 10:00am, we can have them done at about 17:00pm. Please confirm at the front desk for the surcharge.

14.Q: Can you call a taxi for me while I am at your property?
A: Yes, we can call a taxi for you, and the average time for taxi arriving is about 5 minutes.

15.Q: Do you have massage service?
A: Yes,we have. Please confirm at the front desk.