FAQ About Hotel Facilities

1.Q: Do you have a rental hair iron?
A: We are sorry, but there is no retal hair iron prepared at our property.

2.Q: Is there dinner served at the hotel?
A: We are sorry, but we don't serve dinner at our property. Please confirm with front desk for the restaurants nearby.

3.Q: Is there smoking space at your property?
A: The whole building is non-smoking. For those guests who booked non-smoking rooms, please use smoking space outside the property.

4.Q: Do you have baby crib or baby bed for rent?
A: We are sorry, but we don't have any rental baby cribs or beds.

5.Q: Is it possible to rent a hair dryer?
A: There is a hair dryer prepared in every room. Nano Ion hair dryer also can be rented at the frent desk.

6.Q: Is there ice maker at your property?
A: We are sorry, but we don't have ice maker prepared at property. However, we can provide ice upon your request at front desk.

7.Q: Is there curfew?
A: We don't have curfew, but you need to use room key to enter entrance door after 2:00 am. For those guests who have not checked in and arrived after 2:00 am, please contact us via  intercom at the entrance door.

8.Q: Is there any rental computer at your property?
A: We don't have any computers for rent, but we have tablets prepared at the lobby for you to use Internet for free.
*Cannot use for printing out.

9.Q: Can I bring free drinks that are being served at your property to my room?
A: We are sorry, but we don't allow guests to drink free drinks at the room. Please enjoy the free drinks at drink bar.